Our philosophy

At Pro Active Podiatry we want to provide more VALUE by delivering BETTER care FASTER.  

We place a high priority on education and prevention. By taking the time to talk to our patients, explain their problems, review their options and help them decide on a treatment plan; we expect our patients to be better informed, invested in their own care, and more likely to follow through with their treatment plans. This leads to better outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.    

We also emphasize easy access to care. We will see patients in a timely manner in a convenient setting. Typically patients will be seen within 72 hours after referral, but in some cases the same day. 

We provide the full spectrum of care for foot and ankle problems, from simple conservative treatment to complex surgical care. For some minor issues our patients may simply need some education and reassurance. In other cases the treatment options may include more extensive conservative care such as activity modifications, physical therapy, medications, injections, custom made arch supports (orthotics), or even surgery. We take a proactive approach, determine the underlying cause for the problems and address that in order to prevent or delay other problems.  ​

Our Approach 

We review the patient’s past medical and surgical history, allergies and medications.  

We talk to the patient about their current problem, injury, pain or concerns.  

A physical exam is done, with assessment of circulation, sensation, muscle and joint function; generally focused on the lower extremities, foot and ankle. Depending on the issues present a number of other physical exam tests or techniques may be used.  In many cases, x-rays, labs or other tests may be useful.  

After a thorough evaluation we can usually arrive at a diagnosis and can explain the symptoms. In many cases there is an underlying biomechanical reason (such as flat feet, high arches, or a leg length discrepancy) that may be creating or contributing to the symptoms.  

After discussing the diagnosis and reasons for the symptoms we present some treatment options. We want you to understand what is happening and why. We also want you to know what can be done as well as what we think should be done. Each person’s situation and circumstances may vary, and the treatment plan can be adjusted accordingly. We want our patients to be actively involved in their own course of treatment. We find this leads to better results.