Pro Active Podiatry 

Our Services

The Services we offer include, but are not limited to:
Diabetic foot evaluation and treatment​
​Lower extremity vascular evaluation
Wound care: diabetic wounds, neuropathic wounds, infections or vascular ulcerations
Radiographic exam and interpretation
Treatment of sports and athletic injuries
Treatment of traumatic injuries (Acute and Chronic)
Biomechanical analysis and function orthotic (arch support) fabrication
     Fitting appropriate shoes and inserts
Medical and surgical treatment of foot and ankle conditions:
      Foot and ankle deformities: bunion, hallux limitus, hammertoes, webbed toes, bone spurs
      Arch disorders: Heel pain, flat feet, high arches
      Ingrown toenails and other nail disorders
      Common foot problems: calluses, plantar warts
      Arthritis: Gout, osteoarthritis, post-traumatic arthritis
      Neuropathy: diabetic neuropathy, traumatic, idiopathic, neuromas
      Vascular disease: Venous stasis ulcers, PVD
      Diseases of nails, skin, tendon or bone
      Soft tissue masses and tumors
      Chronic pain syndrome: Tarsal tunnel syndrome, Sinus tarsi syndrome
Pediatric evaluation and treatment
      Lower extremity and biomechanical evaluation of gait patterns
      Pediatric foot deformities
      Casting, bracing and orthotics
      Ingrown toenails
​Comprehensive care of foot and ankle disorders, both conservative and surgical.